Interview Follow-ups: Dos and Don’ts

Over the past few months, we have witnessed a number of candidates who were close to receiving an offer and lost the opportunity because of their thank you notes and/or references.  Some of this may be common sense, but here are some Dos and Don’ts you should consider when actively engaged in a job search: DO … Continued

When is it time to look for a new job?

Every week we get contacted by candidates who want to explore new opportunities. Some are definitely ready to make the move and some are having a bad day at work. We are committed to helping the ones that are ready to make the move, find the right next job.  What can you do to determine whether … Continued

Do Something!!

Have you ever struggled with how to handle a difficult situation and done nothing? I know I have and it always haunts me afterwards. At Wisnik, we frequently see both candidates and firms “do nothing” in the midst of the hiring process. As an example, last month a candidate stopped responding to calls and emails … Continued