Hiring the Right Talent

A great resume does not predict great performance. Many of your firms will begin recruiting law students early this year, and some are still adding lateral associates, but are your attorneys conducting impactful interviews by being prepared, purposeful, and present?  I have trained attorneys at 89 law firms on how to interview. Here’s the 7-step … Continued

Engaging Associates in the New Workplace

January was busy with presentations to law firm partners on the best practices for engaging associates in a hybrid workplace. I created this program in response to the frustration I’ve been hearing about associates not being responsive, lacking ownership over projects, and failing to communicate.        The goal of the training is to provide partners with … Continued

Living Your Values in 2024

Our values are critical to creating the life we really want. They act as an internal compass, guiding our decisions and helping us focus on our priorities. When envisioning your life in 2024, I encourage you to identify your top values, and think about how you can align your daily actions to live your values.   Below are some … Continued

End of Year Joy Tips

If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong! This is one of the last concepts I learned during my immersive year studying with Tony Robbins. It sounded good, but at first, I really didn’t understand how it was possible.   How can we get all our work done and still have fun?   As we head … Continued

Happy Thanksgiving in These Challenging Times

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I still remember my family’s first Thanksgiving eight months after we arrived from Poland. I was in first grade and came home to tell my parents who barely spoke English that we had to celebrate and needed to buy a turkey. They didn’t know what I was referring to because … Continued

Do Your Senior Associates Have the Tools to Truly Mentor Associates?

Engaging associates to perform optimally in our new hybrid workplace is challenging. But proximity doesn’t guarantee trusted work relationships, personal investment does. Mentors, both formal and informal, are key to helping associates thrive at your firm.    Along with training associates in the skills and client service mindset needed to perform optimally, we also need to train … Continued

The Power of Habits

This month I have continued to present How to Thrive trainings to new associates. I focus on teaching them to establish good work habits early in their careers. Habits are very powerful, and they can serve us or hurt us. Our brain creates habits because they are efficient. Let’s call them neural shortcuts. Think about driving a … Continued

Jake Wisnik’s return to Poland

Our youngest son Jake left for Poland on September 2nd to work as a JDC Entwine Global Jewish Service Corps Fellow.  His yearlong assignment will be to work at the JCC in Krakow, where he will help to support Jewish life revival, care for Holocaust survivors, and feed hundreds of Ukrainian refugees daily. Jake first … Continued

Making Time for Your Well-Being is a Must Today!

The summer is almost over and back-to-school is just around the corner. September can bring exciting new beginnings as well as a feeling of overwhelmingness. What if we had well-being practices in place to support our busy lives?  My morning routine, which is aimed at setting myself up for a positive and productive day, includes EFT … Continued