Generation Z

For the first time in 11 years we are getting many entry level positions in recruiting and marketing AND we are experiencing a talent shortage! We love placing young talent and watching them grow into managers and directors. If you know any recent grads or ones about to graduate, please send them our way! These … Continued

How to Cut Down Your Resume without Compromising Content

By Shannan Buckley The longer your resume, the less of it people will actually read. Our rule of thumb is that early-career professionals should have a one-page resume, while more senior professionals should limit themselves to two. If your resume is three or more pages, there are many things you can do to save space … Continued

How Successful Have Your Lateral Partner Hires Been?

Last week I attended the NALP Summit, a yearly one-day program where experts share the trends in hiring impacting Big Law. I was particularly struck by what I heard about Lateral Partner hiring. Recently, we have seen a surge in newly-created positions that are specifically focused on recruiting Lateral Partners. In 2018, Lateral volume was … Continued

Five Time Management Tips for the New Year!

2019 has gotten off to an extremely busy start. We’ve received ten new jobs in the last ten days! I know we all have a lot on our plates and not enough time to do it all. There are no easy answers to finding time when we feel overwhelmed with things to do. However, I … Continued

Are You Hiring? Then Read This First!

The hiring market did not slow down in December, and we expect it to remain hot as the new year begins. For those of you who are adding to your team, I highly recommend you flesh out what you really need. When we begin working on a new search, we work closely with the client … Continued

Three Key Learnings That Have Transformed My Life This Year

This week marks one year since I attended Tony Robbins’ Date with Destiny, a seven-day program captured in the Netflix documentary I Am Not Your Guru. I would like to share with you the three learnings that have transformed my life over the past year. I learned that managing my mind and choosing not to … Continued

Current Market Trends for Marketing & BD

2018 has been a great year, and for this Wisnik Weekly we wanted to share with you our findings from our most recent Law Firm Marketing/BD Survey. This year we received survey responses from 377 legal Marketing and BD professionals nationwide. Here are the top trends we observed: The average Chief has been at their … Continued

How to Resign and Turn Down Offers

It’s been a great market for strong candidates – a record number of our candidates have received offers in the past three months! Here’s some advice we share with our candidates when they are ready to resign or are turning down one of their offers. How you handle these sensitive moments can make the difference … Continued

The Ultimate Resume Checklist

By Shannan Buckley, Recruiting and Operations Specialist No matter how strong your experience and background may be, if you can’t put it together in your resume, you’re going to have a very hard time landing a job interview. We review dozens of resumes every week, and have found that even the most experienced professionals can … Continued

What’s Your Story?

When I interview a candidate to determine if they are the right fit for a role and firm, I am listening to hear their story. This includes how they describe what they are excited to bring to this new role and why they are thinking of leaving their current position. It still surprises me when … Continued