Lessons from the Aegean Sea

I spent last week on a 30-person boat in the Aegean Sea. Each morning before visiting ancient port cities in Greece and Turkey, we spent two hours learning how our thoughts and feelings impact our behavior, and therefore the quality of our lives. Our instructor, who I met when I spent one year studying with … Continued

Advice to Your Law Students Ending Their Summer Programs

This week marks the end of most 2023 Summer Associate programs across the country. This summer, I had the privilege of presenting to a dozen law firms’ summer associates, teaching them how to thrive and get the most out of their experiences. During our trainings, I heard many express their desire to forge strong relationships with … Continued

The Importance of Interviewing for Integrity

By: Shannan Buckley As hybrid work becomes more entrenched, hiring junior candidates with a high level of integrity and internal motivation is more important than ever. I’ve worked with interns who needed constant check-ins on remote days or else they’d treat it as a chance to get paid while playing on the computer or doing … Continued

The Dangers of Perfectionism

This June I’ve conducted six Well-being programs for legal professionals, including programs specifically for summer associates.  I poll each group to better understand what they struggle with most. Perfectionism is most frequently mentioned.  This is not a surprise. Over the past 30 years of working with Big Law professionals, I’ve observed that many smart, ambitious … Continued

Tips for Interviewing Law Students

Over the past 27 years, I have conducted interviewer training for 87 law firms and have interviewed over 10,000 candidates myself. Creating and delivering all of these trainings has caused me to think a lot about which traits are most important to focus on when interviewing law students.  Based on my experiences, these are the four … Continued

Developing a Thrive Mindset

This week I presented to summer associates at 8 law firms across the country. Having studied attorneys’ careers for the past 30+ years and written a book on the topic, Your Fairy Job Mentor’s Secrets for Success, my goal is to provide them with the habits and mindset that will move them from a “school mentality” … Continued

4 Tips & Practices for Well-being Week

For Well-being Week in Law, I want to share four well-being tips from our Make TIme for Well-being training program.  To maintain our well-being, we must make time for self-care every day. Please take a moment each day to ask yourself: “What will I do to fill my tank and show care for myself today?” … Continued

Interviewing Effectively: A Bigger Challenge Than We Believe

I am heading to Colorado this week to present the first of many Customized Interviewer Training programs before the on-campus recruiting season begins. I have done this for more than 80 law firms over the last 27 years and I truly believe it’s one of the most valuable training programs that we offer law firms. The reason … Continued

Time Spent Worrying has Skyrocketed

These are the results of the “Worry Poll” I ran on LinkedIn last week. I am deeply saddened to see that 59% of respondents said they spend 2-4 hours each day worrying. When I poll participants during my well-being trainings, 55-57% of lawyers and law firm professionals have consistently reported that they spend 2-4 hours each … Continued