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Wisnik Career Enterprises, Inc. is committed to helping you achieve your goals. We specialize in placing law firm talent in the following areas:
  • Marketing/BD
  • Recruiting
  • Administrative
  • Professional Development
  • Practice Management
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How to Initiate & Maintain Client Relationships

Learn specific steps for initiating and cultivating professional relationships that will enable your attorneys to achieve marketing goal

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Marketing/BD Industry Survey Reveals Significant Hiring

Check out the results from our most recent Marketing/BD Industry Snapshot Survey, where we polled Heads of Marketing/BD at top firms about their department structure. [Read More]

How to Hang on to Your Best Employees

It's a tough market out there right now, with more positions than good qualified candidates. What can you do to keep your best team members? [Read More]

Top Roles: What You Want vs. What You Need

With top roles there are often a lot of directions you can go and many different opinions from stakeholders as to what they're looking for. How do you figure out what you want versus what you need? [Read More]