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Wisnik’s Wisdom

The New Salary Law

October 19, 2017

Everyone is talking about NYC’s new salary law! Starting on October 31, prospective employers and recruiters in NYC will no longer be able to ask you about your salary history.  The law is an attempt to bridge the pay gap between men and women who perform the same jobs by preventing pay disparities from accumulating […]

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The Biggest Mistakes Candidates and Employers Make During the Interview Process

September 20, 2017

We are happy to report that September has been very active with lots of new job opportunities and interviews.  With so much activity, it seems the perfect time to share some avoidable mistakes made by both interviewees and interviewers: Candidate Mistakes Be Prepared and Specific!  Why this job and why this Firm? These are questions that […]

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The 6 Human Needs

August 23, 2017

Ever wonder why certain job and life situations are fulfilling and others are not?  Understanding what your most important Human Needs are will provide you with insight to help you create fulfillment in both your professional and personal life. As many of you know, I am a big Tony Robbins fan and recently attended his […]

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Career Advice for Recent Grads

August 3, 2017

Do you have any new grads in your life who just returned from post-graduation travel and are asking you for advice before they start looking for their first “real job?” Well, I think I might be able to help! My name is Ariana Katsigiannis, and I am a rising senior at NYU studying Politics, Rights […]

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6 Lessons from an Advanced Business Mastery Program

June 28, 2017

I just spent a week in Amsterdam at a Tony Robbins’ advanced Business Mastery program with 1,400 business professionals from 30 countries. I wanted to share my top lessons with you and hope that they are of value. To build successful business relationships and loyal clients, you need to add massive value, and do more […]

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Asking the Right Questions

June 13, 2017

This June and July, I will be traveling the country to conduct interview trainings at law firms before the on-campus recruiting season begins.  I have done this for more than 66 law firms over the last 21 years. I truly believe it’s one of the most valuable trainings we offer law firms. The reason I […]

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Becoming an Industry Leader

May 10, 2017

Recently, I attended my 23rd NALP conference over a twenty-seven-year span. I saw many colleagues that I have known for 15+ years, all of whom are considered industry leaders. When I think of why these professionals are at the top of their field, I recognize a number of common factors that they all share:   […]

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When is the right time to leave your current job for that new opportunity?

April 13, 2017

2017 has started off with a bang, bringing more new jobs than I have ever seen in my 21 years! You may be getting calls from multiple recruiters regarding new jobs and asking yourself, “Should I leave my current job for a new one?” We are committed to helping candidates make the right decisions at […]

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Transitioning Into a New Job

March 23, 2017

We have made a lot of placements since January and have many candidates transitioning into new jobs. As I speak to these candidates over celebratory lunches, I hear about how challenging their transitions are, no matter how senior they are. I hear comments such as, “I feel like I am starting all over again” and […]

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Do’s and Don’ts for landing the best talent in a very competitive market

March 9, 2017

1- Do invest in a well crafted job description. Candidates want to know what the responsibilities will be in your role and what your expectations are in terms of background. The clearer and better defined the description is, the more attractive it will be to the right candidates. 2- Do follow up with candidates once […]

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