2011 Industry Recap and Predictions for 2012

As Wisnik Career Enterprises closed out 2011, we took time to reflect on the year that passed and to think ahead to what 2012 might bring.  Because of the unique view we have of career opportunities in legal Marketing/BD, Recruiting, Professional Development, and Practice Management, we are able to observe and share distinct trends from 2011 and offer you our predictions for 2012.

Major Trends in 2011

1.  Marketing/ BD remains the greatest growth area in law firms
Wisnik worked on over 130 jobs in 2011; more than half (72) were Marketing/BD positions.

2.  There were very few Director/Chief level positions available this year
We had no CMO positions, 3 Marketing/BD Directors, 3 Directors of Recruitment, 2 Directors of Practice Management, and no Director of PD positions.

3. A wide variety of law firms are hiring
We worked with 40 different law firms in NY, DC, Chicago, LA, the Bay Area, TX, NJ and Cleveland, Ohio. Both large, national firms and mid-sized, regional firms are investing in professional talent.

Predictions for 2012

1.  We will see more perm-to-temp hires for junior level law firm professionals, especially in recruiting, before on-campus interviewing season.

2.  There will be more Chief/Director level positions available because there is pent-up demand from 2011 when very few were hired.

3.  Law Firms will add more strategic roles, such as Chief Strategy Officers, Competitive Intelligence Specialists, and Business Development Strategists, that focus more on proactive, strategic initiatives.


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