The Strongest Interview Follow Ups

Have you ever left an interview and thought, “I could have done a better job; I wish I had said X or spoken about the event I worked on that evidenced my strong project management skills.”  We hear this kind of reaction fairly often from candidates. The good news is you still have an opportunity to highlight those skills and impress your interviewers! Here are a few suggestions that have worked for our candidates in the past.

  • Show don’t tell! Is there something you can send the interviewer that demonstrates the high quality of work you produce? Very effective examples we have seen include a 30-day Action Plan for what the candidate would do if hired and an article analyzing the firm’s website including suggestions that can produce more impact.
  • Showcase your analytical skills and industry knowledge. Follow up with a web link to relevant market trends or an article you wrote for an industry publication. This is most effective when connected to something you discussed in the interview; it highlights your listening skills and shows that you are engaged and have resources to offer.
  • Send reference letters from colleagues that specify the types of projects you contributed to and the results you achieved.  We recently had a candidate whose job was eliminated, and a letter of recommendation from a Partner she worked with sealed the deal for an offer.
  • Send a thank you note — it is expected! But please have someone else review it before emailing. Last year alone, we had two candidates, including a Director level candidate, ‘lose’ an offer because of serious typos in their thank you notes. In your note, make sure to focus on what you are excited to bring to the Firm, as opposed to why you want the job. Make it about them!

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