Advice for New Grads!

Entering the job market as a new graduate is both an exciting and stressful time. Focus on these four factors for a smooth transition into the job market:

1) Resumes are always challenging. Let the resume be an outline of your professional experience, educational background, and volunteer/university involvement. Be sure you are capable of speaking in detail about any experience listed on your resume. Use active verbs and cite results that you were able to achieve during the process. Keep in mind that your resume should only be one page long!

2) Preparation is crucial when it comes to interviewing. Prior to an interview make sure you have read the job description and know the key aspects to the position. Make sure you understand as much as possible about the Firm, its clients, and goals. Visiting the Firm’s website is a must. All of this preparation will help you ask and answer questions most effectively.

3) Once you land the interview be sure to arrive at least fifteen minutes prior to the meeting. Wear something professional that makes you feel confident. If in doubt, wear something conservative which means a dark colored suit or jacket. First impressions are critical; let your image mirror the professionalism of the Firm. Bring a pad and pen to take notes. Also, be sure to bring a few copies of your resume!

4) The past four years you have developed and learned all different types of skills. Strong writing and communication skills are two of the most important attributes that employers are seeking in new grads. Being able to clearly articulate and explain what you did and why is essential. We have seen many recent grads having trouble with some of the basic writing rules so brushing up your writing and editing skills will be useful when you land a job. Also, you never know if a Firm will give you a writing assignment the day of the interview!

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