2012 Legal Industry Snapshot Survey

We wanted to share the current findings from the Wisnik Legal Recruiting Industry Snapshot Survey with you. The results are based on a September 2012 survey sent to Recruiting Chiefs, Directors, and Managers at top law firms throughout the country. The results that follow were generated from 60 respondents. To view the full survey results, please click on the link.

Overall, the size of incoming fall associates and summer program classes have stabilized since 2009. However, the average class size of 2013 summer programs is expected to be slightly smaller than 2012 for all firm sizes. Additionally, there are some differences by location. Chicago firms are expecting a slight rise in their average class size. Washington, D.C. firms, however, are anticipating a summer class size approximately 33% smaller. Here are some other highlights we found particularly interesting:

  • 55% of New York firms reported that their attorneys were “busier” in the last 6 months that earlier in the year.
  • 31% of respondents hired temporary employees for the recruiting season, the majority of whom were in offices of 200+ attorneys.
  • 98% of respondents anticipate getting a bonus, a raise, or both.

The other theme that comes across loud and clear is that Recruiting Professionals across the country are all expected to do more with less!  

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