Our New Website & 17th Anniversary!

This March marks 17 years since I launched Wisnik Career Enterprises, Inc. and 44 years since I came to this country. I like to acknowledge anniversaries because they are good times to examine whether what we do and believe still work, or whether we need to change anything.

To commemorate our 17th anniversary, we are launching our newest website. In a world of smart phones and iPads, this version was designed to be mobile-device friendly.

Our goal was to make the information on our site easily accessible from anywhere you are. We welcome your feedback and any suggestions you may have for making this site even more user-friendly and informative. This is actually the 5th version of our website! It is symbolic of how we all have to reinvent ourselves to stay relevant and continue to be of value.

Today marks another anniversary for me as well: my family and I arrived in Manhattan on March 28, 1969. We were amongst the last Jews thrown out of Poland and came here under Political refuge status. Until I was 15, and became an American citizen, I was not a citizen of any country. In 2009, the Polish government passed new legislation allowing the 20,000 Jews who left Poland in the late ‘60s to apply to have their citizenship reinstated. I had no interest in doing so until very recently. After much introspection, I have decided to apply to have my Polish citizenship reinstated. This was a very difficult decision and one I view as an act of forgiveness, since those who govern Poland today had nothing to do with how we were treated. I also acknowledge that we live in a global economy and although I choose never to live anywhere other than the U.S., one or more of my three children may want to live or work in the E.U. and I should not deny them their birthright.

So on the next anniversary of your current job or graduation from school, I encourage you to ask yourself whether the job you committed to is still challenging and if the goals you set are still important to you – or if you need to change anything.

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