What would I do without fear?

I recently read Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In, and really liked it. It has been fascinating to hear all the controversy about Sheryl and her writing. What I have found most puzzling is that most of the people who have told me they don’t like the book have not read it.  What I heard in Lean In was Sheryl encouraging us to step out of our comfort zone and be fully present with whatever work we choose to do.  That message really resonated with me!

It’s hard to believe that half of 2013 will soon be gone. I encourage you to start thinking about a mid-year self-assessment.  Some questions you may want to ask yourself are:

  • What have I learned
  • What am I most proud of doing?
  • Where do I want to improve?
  • What would I do if I were not afraid?

The answers to these questions will help you focus for the second half of 2013.  Knowing what’s most important to you will help you align your goals with what you value.

As I asked myself these questions, I found the last one to be the hardest. To be honest, I think I have pushed my fear so far down that I tend to forget how powerfully it still resides inside of me. I often find myself worrying about disappointing a client and “dropping the ball.”  Upon reflection, I feel that if I were not afraid, I would remind myself to stop, slow down and breathe.  As I come upon my busiest season, and will be traveling for work to Seattle, Portland, Palo Alto, LA, Chicago and DC within a six-week period to conduct training programs, I wish I could keep my biggest fears in check and stay calm and present no matter how much is happening at once.  What would you do if you were not afraid?

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