What are your work style quirks?

We all have a unique style of working but we often assume that those who work for us can read our minds and know what we need from them. This is not a shortfall on our part, but a fact of human nature.

A few years ago, I realized that when new employees start at my company, it often takes a bit of time and some uncomfortable conversations before they are fully integrated into the “Eva way” of doing things. Recently, I concluded the following: why do I have to wait for new employees to make “mistakes?” Also, instead of expecting them to read my mind, why don’t I just tell them on their first day how best to work with me and what I expect and value most?  I made a list of things that make me “crazy” and called them Eva’s Quirks.  I tell new employees upfront that they don’t have to agree with these work style preferences, but they do need to respect and be cognizant of them when working with me. Here are some of Eva’s Quirks:

– Spelling the name of the person you are emailing incorrectly
– A lack of response to my emailed request (all I need is an “I got it”)
– Forgetting to cc me when corresponding with a law firm client (this is not about micromanaging, but about being in the loop on communications with clients)
– Not changing the subject line when addressing a new issue in an email exchange
– Typos, inconsistencies (i.e. Partner and partner in the same article/PowerPoint)
– Overly informal tone in emails to clients

Now that new employees know from the start what I value most and how to best work with me, it has reduced unnecessary frustration on my part and provided a clear path to success for them.

If this article triggered clear memories of your work pet peeves, please email them to me! I am going to collect as many as I can to create a comprehensive list that others can use to identify their most frustrating items and share with their team members so mind reading is no longer needed!

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