Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Since January, I have been challenging myself to “Step way out of my comfort zone!” Every morning on my way to work, I write in my iPhone’s memo section; I have been doing this for years to “focus” myself for the day ahead.  But beginning this year, I started writing: “Today I am going to put my butt on the line!”  What this means to me, is that when I have an idea or identify an opportunity, I act.  In the past, I remember sometimes having a gut feeling come upon me to call a client and I would talk myself out of it. Now I give myself no outs, “Take action” echoes though my head loudly!

So, what have the results been since I employed this new action plan? So far this year, we have made more placements than in all of 2013! I definitely think that some of this success is due to the improving economy, but some of it, I know deep inside, is from stepping way into that uncomfortable zone and taking action.

I even extended this “put your butt on the line” action plan into other areas of my life. Yesterday, I emailed an author whose book I loved (Once We Were Brothers), and asked if I could meet him when I am in Chicago next week. After a few email exchanges, he said, “Yes!”

My goal in sharing my new “put your butt on the line” way of living is to encourage you. We all have those moments when a little voice inside of us says, “Maybe you should ___?” Most of us have trained ourselves to ignore that gut message. If you listen to it, you may find that it offers some powerful information that can help you to achieve what you really want. In the words of my 12 year old son, “If you don’t ask, you don’t get.” The only thing is that you may have to step way out of your comfort zone and act!

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