Real Simple Article & BD/Marketing Survey

It’s that time of year – the days are getting shorter as the weather gets cooler!  All of this makes it hard to get going some mornings.  So here is a link to an article I was recently quoted in, by Real Simple, which offers 5 Tricks for an Efficient Morning.

On another note, over the past 18 years we have conducted over 35 salary surveys for law firm professionals. Right now we are wrapping up analysis on two legal recruiting industry surveys, one for DC and one for NY.  We are also launching a Legal Marketing & BD survey.  We are excited to capture 2014 information, to see how the legal recruiting and BD/marketing salaries and departments have changed, as the economy improves.  Our goal is to provide you with comparable benchmarks for salary, department structure, and responsibilities.

If you are currently in a law firm Marketing/BD/PR position and are interested in participating in our survey, please feel free to email me at, and I’ll be happy to send you the link and add you to the list to receive the results.  We look forward to being a valuable career resource for you and aim to send you the findings by the end of November.

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