Happy New Year!

I am very grateful for our incredible success in 2014 and I am excited for what 2015 will bring! None of this would be possible without your trust, support and consideration when you have a job opening, training need, or when you meet a great candidate and send them our way. I am deeply appreciative to all of you!

2014 was our most successful year since the economic crash in 2008. In addition to the improving marketplace for talent, I want to share with you what I think impacted our success. Starting last January, every day on my way to work I would focus on the day ahead and I would tell myself that today: “I have to put my butt on the line and welcome opportunities to be of service to our clients.”  What this meant was that if I thought about a client, I would pick up the phone and call them. Often times, it turned out that they had an opening they wanted us to work on.  Putting my butt on the line also meant doing my job to the extreme. Early last year, I stopped and asked myself, “Where do I add the greatest value to the recruiting process?” The answer was preparing candidates for interviews, including debriefing them on the nuances of the job and how to present their experiences.  So, over the course of the year, I prepped EVERY candidate, at both junior and senior levels, before EVERY meeting.  This clearly reaped real results because our offer rate doubled!

Honestly, putting my butt on the line required that I move past my fears and act when it was more comfortable not to.  I promise that if you follow your instincts and contribute your talent where it is needed most, you will have a very rewarding 2015!

As you may know, I have been setting goals every year since 1989. I encourage you to identify and write down your goals for 2015, because knowing what is most important to you will help you take advantage of the limited time and energy we all have.  I also encourage you to think of one “stretch” goal. By this, I mean that working towards this goal requires you to move out of your comfort zone and you may have some doubts as to whether you can achieve it.  In addition to professional goals, such as mastering project management or writing an article for an industry publication, you may also want to set personal goals that impact your financial, spiritual, and physical world.  One of mine is to spend time with friends twice a month. I chose this because I know it brings me great joy and connection, but that it most likely will not happen unless I make it a priority.  I hope you find this goal setting packet of value. Please feel free to share it!

I wish you a wonderful 2015, a year in which you step out of your comfort zone, use your full potential, and feel really good about what you have accomplished! If there is any way we can help you to achieve your goals, please let us know!

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