Happy New Year!

I am very grateful for our incredible success in 2015! This coming year, 2016, marks our 20th Anniversary.  I have no idea where the years have gone, but one thing I know for sure is that none of this would be possible without your trust, support and consideration when you have a job opening, training need, or when you meet a great candidate and send them our way. I am deeply grateful to all of you!

2015 was a great year with a record number of placements, including more senior level placements in recruiting and professional development than we have seen in 5+ years. I also had the privilege of conducting interview training in 7 cities this summer prior to OCI.  Being inside law firms and visiting with colleagues across the country is always an amazing learning experience and reminds me of how much I love my work!

As I mentioned in last year’s New Year’s note, I have continued to “put my butt on the line” and it has continued to reap significant results.  As a matter of fact, I created a poster board that sits prominently in our kitchen, where our 3 kids, as well as my husband, note each time they have stepped out of their comfort zone and have done something that is “scary,” but key to success.

As you may know, I have been setting goals every year since 1989. I encourage you to identify and write down your goals for 2016, because knowing what is most important to you will help you take advantage of the limited time and energy we all have.

To help me strategically identity business goals and get inspired for the next chapter of WCE’s success, I will spend 5 days at a Business Mastery course in Florida this January. I am a big believer that we need to constantly be learning to stay current and focused on what is most important to offer our clients.  This is challenging when we are often required to spend our days “putting out fires” and being reactive.

Should you be interested in setting goals for 2016, I hope you find this goal setting packet of value. Please feel free to share it!

I wish you a wonderful 2016, a year in which you step out of your comfort zone, use your full potential, and feel really good about what you have accomplished! If there is any way we can help you to achieve your goals, please let us know!

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