Law Firm BD/Marketing Industry Trends  

We recently released the findings of our 2016 salary and responsibility survey and are happy to report that based on the feedback of 367 marketers from large firms across the country, there are many indicators that Law Firm BD/Marketing is a growing profession with significant career growth!  Below is a summary of some of our findings:

  • 95% of participants received a raise or a bonus, or both
  • 30% of participants have been promoted with a title change in the last 2 years
  • 67% of participants are happy with their compensation (this is significantly higher than what we see in legal recruitment)
  • 52% say that their department has grown in size the last 2 years
  • Average tenure of CMOs has increased to an industry record of 6.5 years and Directors is 6 years

We have definitely seen a significant increase in BD and PR jobs this year.  On the BD side, the focus for the first 9 months of the year has been on litigation. We have also seen an increased demand for specialist-level BD professionals, for all practice areas.  Hopefully, the economy will remain solid after this election, and we will continue to see Law Firm BD/Marketing as a career with great growth potential!  Should you want to read the entire summary of findings from our 2016 industry survey click here.

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