Keys to Success in a New Role

I have spent the first few weeks of the year meeting with many clients who hired our candidates in 2016  to thank them for their trust in us and to learn how we can serve them better.  As I sit and listen and learn, there have been a few themes that have really struck me as things I need to share.  Two of those themes are what makes a new addition to the team a great hire from the start and what makes a Director/CMO hesitant to call a new hire, a good addition.  Here is what I am hearing:

Great hire:

“She walked in the door excited to share her skills and experience, but very open to learning our culture”

“He went out of his way to get to know everyone, from the receptionist to the Partners”

“She asks the right questions and is really interested in learning how things get done around here”

Not sure if this person is the right hire:

“He keeps mentioning how things were done at his old firm; it’s beginning to make us all question his commitment to us”

“She is so focused on proving herself that she is putting off some of her team members and is not sensitive our culture”

“She isn’t doing a great job integrating herself into the firm. She is so results focused and thinks that sitting at her desk is the key to success here”

If you are transitioning jobs, I encourage you to learn the “unwritten rules” of your new workplace and to take the time to understand how things get done, not just what needs to get done.  In addition, integrating yourself into the team, beyond the formal orientations, by showing a commitment to your new firm will help your colleagues partner with you and ensure your success.


In the new year, I have also had the opportunity to reflect on what last year’s hiring trends could mean for 2017. If you would like to hear more, I was interviewed for a legal marketing podcast, which is available at this link.   I hope your new year is off to a great start, and  if there is any way we can help you achieve your goals, please let us know!

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