Do’s and Don’ts for landing the best talent in a very competitive market

1- Do invest in a well crafted job description. Candidates want to know what the responsibilities will be in your role and what your expectations are in terms of background. The clearer and better defined the description is, the more attractive it will be to the right candidates.

2- Do follow up with candidates once an offer is extended. A call from the Director or a Partner that they will be working closely with is very impactful, especially if the candidate has multiple offers.  Don’t just extend the offer; let them know you really want them!

3- Don’t drag the process out longer than needed. If you are interested in the candidate, move them through the process as quickly as possible!  When the process drags on and loses momentum, the chances of the candidate accepting decreases significantly. In this highly competitive market for candidates I have seen firms lose candidates to competitors because they could not make a timely decision.

4- Don’t keep candidates “on hold” for long periods of time.  If you are really unsure, it’s probably a no.  When candidates feel like they have been strung along for a long time, it leaves a bad taste in their mouth.  The problem for you is that it’s a small industry and people talk.  You don’t want anyone diluting your brand by sharing bad interview experiences with colleagues.

This is a candidate’s market! If you want the best talent, consider these Do’s and Don’ts!


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