Becoming an Industry Leader

Recently, I attended my 23rd NALP conference over a twenty-seven-year span. I saw many colleagues that I have known for 15+ years, all of whom are considered industry leaders. When I think of why these professionals are at the top of their field, I recognize a number of common factors that they all share:


  • They never stop learning. This is why they continue to attend the conference and contribute to the content.
  • They are professionally visible. Through speech, writing and teaching they are able to share their wisdom.
  • They are invested leaders. They have a commitment to mentoring their team members and assuming leadership roles in professional associations.
  • They have built incredible relationships. They have connected with peers in the industry and have a strong network they can tap into.


If your goal is to be an industry leader, consider investing time in one or more of the career expanding activities listed above. What specific actions will you take in the second half of 2017 to expand your career development?

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