6 Lessons from an Advanced Business Mastery Program

I just spent a week in Amsterdam at a Tony Robbins’ advanced Business Mastery program with 1,400 business professionals from 30 countries. I wanted to share my top lessons with you and hope that they are of value.

  1. To build successful business relationships and loyal clients, you need to add massive value, and do more for others than any competitor.
  2. Take action NOW! Today is a good time to ACT on ideas that come to mind or follow with actions from meetings.
  3. You manage what you measure. Use your “data” to know who your best clients are, how they originated and where to get more like them.  Knowing where you get your best results can also help you to know which projects to focus on.
  4. Test business ideas before launching. Before you complete a website or brochure, test market it with your target audience; get feedback and tweak accordingly.
  5. Be Decisive! Our decisions impact all aspects of our lives. Decisiveness is POWER! Trust your gut and do what you know is right, especially if it’s uncomfortable.
  6. Get in your head and you’re dead! When we over-analyze, fear takes over and all the “what ifs and excuses” take over.

Some of these teachings are common sense and we all know them. I believe that the challenge is being self aware and taking the actions that we need to everyday.

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