Hang On Tight to Your Best Employees!

We are experiencing a massive talent shortage in law firm recruiting and marketing, especially at the junior and mid-levels. Since January we have received more than 50 new roles, and finding the right talent is truly challenging!

Why is this is happening? Although firms are actively hiring and creating new positions now, many did not hire entry-level positions for a long time due to budget restrictions following the recession. Therefore, there are fewer junior-level professionals available for the many openings currently on the market. So, if you have great talent on your team, or even talent with great potential, hang on to them tightly!

Here are 5 things you can do keep great employees:

  • Provide developmental opportunities. Ask them what kinds of projects they would like to work on and what skills they would like to expand – and then make it happen for them. Bring them with you to internal meetings and networking events where they can expand their knowledge and contacts.
  • Coach them. When team members feel you are invested in their success and growth, they stay. Providing substantive feedback and timely reviews is the first step.
  • Offer them non-financial incentives that will enhance their value to the Firm, such as reimbursement for attending a class or professional seminar.
  • Give them credit! Let them know how much you value them – and not just at review time. If they do something exceptionally well, make sure others know.
  • Cross-offer opportunities for them to develop expertise in other areas. Give them a “new job” at their existing firm!

In the many surveys we conduct, when we ask law firm professionals why they would consider leaving their job, the most common answer we hear is, “for career opportunities” – not money! It is counter-intuitive, but the more marketable they feel from continuous learning and growth, the less pressure they feel to leave. By ensuring that your best team members are gaining new skills and growing career-wise at your Firm, you are much more likely to keep them!

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