Current Market Trends for Marketing & BD

2018 has been a great year, and for this Wisnik Weekly we wanted to share with you our findings from our most recent Law Firm Marketing/BD Survey. This year we received survey responses from 377 legal Marketing and BD professionals nationwide. Here are the top trends we observed:

  • The average Chief has been at their Firm for 6.2 years, and the average Director has been at their firm for 5.2 years.
  • 3% of all respondents reported receiving a bonus and/or a raise in the past year, with 83% receiving both.
  • Marketing/BD professionals are still getting promoted at a significant rate. 33.7% of all respondents reported a promotion with a title change in the past 2 years.
  • More than 54% of all respondents reported that their department size has increased in the past year, and only 12% of all respondents reported that their department size has decreased.
  • Average hours worked per week was fairly even across all the country, with 49.9 hours per week in the Bay Area, 49 hours per week in New York, 43.2 hours per week in Chicago, 47 hours per week in DC, and 47.9 hours per week in smaller regional markets.
  • 36% of all respondents hold a graduate degree or JD. Over 40% of Chiefs and Directors hold a graduate degree or JD.
  • 1% of all respondents reported being satisfied with their compensation.
  • 53% of all respondents say their department is adequately staffed.

Based on the number of new jobs we have received and filled this year, combined with the results of this survey, we can confidently say that the industry continues to create new jobs and provide growth opportunities. The average salary numbers we saw in the survey match the actual live data of jobs that we have worked on and we believe they are an accurate representation of the market.

The full results of the survey are available here.

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