Three Key Learnings That Have Transformed My Life This Year

This week marks one year since I attended Tony Robbins’ Date with Destiny, a seven-day program captured in the Netflix documentary I Am Not Your Guru. I would like to share with you the three learnings that have transformed my life over the past year.

  • I learned that managing my mind and choosing not to be triggered is the key to my happiness.

I have made it my responsibility to be in a good state of mind, no matter what may be happening in my life externally. I now know that my best days are the ones where I recognize when things or people upset me but I choose not to let them hijack me. This is the hardest thing in the world and a major struggle almost every day, but when I master myself, life is so much better! Our brains are there to find what’s wrong and to keep us safe, not happy. As I have begun to train my mind to choose joy and gratitude instead of disappointment and frustration, life has become so much more fulfilling. This is extremely difficult, but really worth it!

  • I learned that trusting myself and acting on my intuition is my greatest asset.

Every morning I write out my intentions for the today. The main one is always to contribute to others at the highest level and to leave the world better than I found it. I have discovered over the past year that I can contribute best if I really listen. This means turning off my computer screen during calls and listening with my heart, not just my head. The results have been amazing! I now hear others at a much deeper level and better understand what they need. My intuition kicks in, and not only do they feel heard, but I have been able to come up with creative ideas and jobs that are right for them. I am amazed by how rewarding listening to people and truly hearing them can be. Seeing that we have placed more people this year than in any of the past five proves this must be working!

  • I learned that my job is to do all I can to contribute at the highest level – once I have done my part, I need to surrender and trust that things will work out as they should.

Surrendering and trusting was not at all natural for me one year ago. I preferred trying to control things with a dose of worrying! In my new way of operating, I commit to doing my part, which includes acting on my intuition and doing the hard things that I would prefer not to do (like asking for new business.) But once I know that I have done my part, I surrender, trust and allow life to unfold because I know the universe has my back! I know this sounds a little “New Age-y,” but life flows so much more easily for me than it did when everything felt like an enormous battle.

It has been an amazing year and I am deeply grateful for all my learnings and how they have resulted in a more fulfilling life. Tony Robbins always says that business is a spiritual game, and I finally understand what that means! Thank you for your trust and best wishes for a joyful holiday season!

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