Generation Z

For the first time in 11 years we are getting many entry level positions in recruiting and marketing AND we are experiencing a talent shortage! We love placing young talent and watching them grow into managers and directors. If you know any recent grads or ones about to graduate, please send them our way!

These new grads entering the workforce are Generation Z, and they are very different than the Millennials who came before them. Gen Zs were born 1996-2009 and are marked by the fact that they didn’t experience September 11th; for them it’s a historical event whereas for Millennials it was something they remember. I recently attended a NALP program where 17-year-old high school student and Gen Z expert Josh Miller explained what his generation wants from their work environment and what drives them (

I found Josh’s insights fascinating from both a recruitment stance and also from being the parent of one Millennial and two Gen Zs! I have observed them to have a very different approach to work and their future and now I understand why! As compared to Millennials, they have been raised to be more individualistic, realistic and competitive.

Gen Zs want:

  • Certainty and financial security. They are still scared after watching their parents experience the 2008 recession and witnessing so much disruption in the economy and world.
  • Structure, goals and a way to measure their progress.
  • To work independently. They prefer to have their own space rather than open work areas.
  • Authentic relationships. They like face-to-face communication in addition to communication supported by technology.

Career-wise they base decisions on:

  • Where the job opportunities are and the amount of schooling needed.
  • Long-term earning potential and keeping college debt low.
  • The opportunity to make a contribution.
  • Work/life separation.

The oldest of Gen Zs, born in 1996 are just entering the workforce and they are future-focused and ready to contribute. If you meet any of them, please tell them I have many opportunities for them!

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