Three Ways to Start Your Day Off Right

Have you ever noticed that when you start your day off productively, it tends to stay focused? Here are some tips for starting your morning off on the right track:

  • Put something good into the universe right away! Soon after waking up, I’ve gotten into the habit of sending a note, text or email to someone who needs a kind word and good energy sent their way, or to someone I am very grateful for. For example, if someone was extremely helpful to me the day before, I let them know.
  • Identify the two most important things you need to do today. When you get to work, focus on doing one of these important tasks before 11am. Clearing that off your plate will give you a boost! A good habit to get into is to do the worst thing first. Hint: If the thought of taking this action makes you uncomfortable, do it now!
  • Take action on a long-term project. Instead of responding to all of your emails when you arrive at work, take 20 minutes to work on those important (but not necessarily urgent) projects, such as the report that you promised your boss.

The key to setting good momentum for your day is to know what is most important to do and to take initiative. Once we get caught up in reacting to urgent things coming at us, it is very hard to take back control. Chances are you will have more control over your day in the morning, so decide what you need to do most and get it done first. My bet is that by the end of the day, you will feel very good about all that you have accomplished.

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