What Playing Full Out Looks Like

Do you even feel frustrated that life and work are not going as you had hoped? If your answer is yes, then I want to ask you another question: Do you play full out in your life most days? Playing full out means acting on most opportunities that come to mind, even if they are out of your comfort zone.

I know that I didn’t play full out for most of my life. Fear of being vulnerable or looking stupid stopped me from just picking up the phone when a client’s name would pop into my head. I regularly over analyzed whether to take action on a new initiative because I feared failure.

Here’s what playing full out looks like for me today. The results have been spectacular and I actually feel more in control of my life than ever before.

  • Whenever an idea comes to mind, I take action. I don’t second guess myself or engage in what if scenarios. For example, if inviting someone to lunch pops into my head, I will email or call the person immediately.
  • When I see or read something that reminds me of a client or friend, I don’t just think the thought. I take a picture and text or email it to them with the subject line “Thinking of you…”
  • When I meet a new person and think of someone in my network they should meet, I make the introduction and join them if I can.
  • When I have a new idea for a training program or something else that could be of value to a client, I explore it right away before the idea evaporates.
  • I say YES! When someone I trust invites me to an event, personally or professionally, or suggests a book or online course, I am open to participating.

When we play full out in our lives, synchronicities occur frequently. Instead of feeling a lack of control over things, we end up feeling more in control because we are are making things happen! Where in your life are you ready to play full out? What action are you going to take that has been lingering in your mind for a while? Let me know how it works out!


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