2020 Wellness Summit

Last week I attended Momentum Events’ inaugural Employee Wellness Summit for Law Firms and Professional Services in Fort Lauderdale. This is a topic I am deeply passionate about. It was a truly fabulous event packed with more than 20 experts who shared their insights on creating effective well-being programs for legal professionals. I walked away with some great tools that I would like to share with you!

As you might know, many law firms have already signed onto the ABA Well-Being Pledge, which covers well-being from six perspectives: emotional, intellectual, occupational, physical, spiritual and social.

Theresa Gronkiewica, Senior Counsel at the ABA, presented on the National Task Force Report, which offers 44 practical recommendations that firms can do for their attorneys and staff. A few of the suggestions that stood out included forming a lawyer well-being committee, monitoring for signs of work addiction and monitoring for signs of poor self-care.

Theresa also highlighted the ABA’s seven point framework for developing effective well-being initiatives:

  1. Provide robust education on well-being issues
  2. Reduce the focus on alcohol at lawyer events
  3. Partner with well-being experts
  4. Provide confidential access to help
  5. Develop proactive policies and procedures
  6. Develop and promote self-care and well-being as core values
  7. Use pledge to attract and retain the best talent

Craig DeLarge, founder of The Digital Mental Health Project, presented on digital tools that can help us to manage stress and stay out of distress. These tools included Relax VR, which delivers deep relaxation and meditation experiences via a virtual reality headset. These VR experiences work because our brain and nervous system do not distinguish between “real” and virtual experiences. Craig also talked about the Spire Stone, a stress management tool that you clip onto your belt. It measures your breath and vibrates when your breathing becomes rapid or erratic. This prompts you to breathe deeply to reset your body and mind. I’m seriously thinking of getting one of these because I know that when I get stressed out, I forget to breathe.

I also learned that feeling lonely damages your health as much as smoking, something I previously had no idea about! It turns out that Gen Z are the loneliest generation! Cigna’s questionnaire will help you to asses your level of loneliness (or lack thereof).

I am deeply grateful to Ben Greenzweig, founder of Momentum Events, for his vision in putting together well-being industry leaders who generously shared their expertise. This month I will be presenting the Wisnik Well-Being program four times in Dallas, DC and NY. I now have even more to share with law firm professionals!


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