What’s REALLY Safe?

These are strange times we are living in. For the first time ever, my law firm recruiter friends can take a two week vacation in August. “Back to school” means kids might only be in a classroom two days a week. For me, an “oddity” that I am witnessing is having really good roles to fill with few candidates who are interested.

At first I was confused as to why after reaching out to more than thirty candidates for a manager of PD or Marketing Communications role we get no interest. After some deep contemplation, I believe it’s a combination of emotional exhaustion from more than five months of uncertainty with no end in clear sight, as well as a fear of being the last person to join a new firm and the (perceived) risk of being the first to be fired.

As much as I understand these fears, I urge you to reconsider if you are not growing in your role or if you are concerned that your firm will experience financial struggles either because their practices don’t align with market needs or because they don’t have thoughtful leadership. The firms I have been working with need talent now because they are poised for a successful future. They are not just adding roles, they are looking for strategic contributors to help them prepare for the new economy.

I share all this with you because when fear takes over our brains, what looks safe is not always correct. Sometimes staying in one place can create an illusion of security. Exploring a new role is less risky than you would think because it means that firm is confident enough to be hiring in the middle of a pandemic. The real safest place to be is always a firm that values its talent and has a well-thought out vision for its future.

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