My New Book

I wanted to tell you a little bit about the book I’ve been writing since July. It’s aimed at 19-24 year olds, sometimes referred to as Gen Z’s, and will be available early next year.

As the pandemic set in, I observed many of these kids getting short-changed on their college experience and new graduates struggling to enter the workforce in a challenging economy. I felt compelled to help them.

The book, entitled Your Fairy Job Mentor’s Secrets for Success, will equip this new generation of professionals with the insights, information, and inspiration they need as they begin their career, especially during so much uncertainty. My 30+ years of working with professionals to help them find the right job and succeed in their careers have taught me a lot, and I believe I have real secrets for success to share. I also wanted to shatter many of the big lies that are rampant in our culture.

Below are a dozen of the big lies I shatter in the book:

  • Do well in school and you will have a successful career        
  • You can’t get a good job without experience
  • Only the lucky ones have the right professional connections
  • Secure one good mentor and you’re all set
  • Perfectionism is a good trait
  • If you take risks you may fail, and that will be a big mistake
  • You shouldn’t have any weaknesses, and if you do, hide them
  • Imposter syndrome is rare among successful people
  • You are either born with good time management skills or not
  • When you get that prestigious high paying job, you will be happy 
  • Asking for help and showing vulnerability is a weakness
  • Once you have money and status you will feel fulfilled

I know I believed many of these big lies when I started working on Wall Street right out of college. I made a lot of mistakes and learned the hard way!

What do you wish you knew when you were coming out of college? I welcome your thoughts and the lessons you learned and want to pass them on to young professionals.

I wish you all a 2021 that is filled with great health, tons of success, and deep fulfillment. I am deeply grateful for all of your support!

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