How to Help Our Exhausted Employees

Since August began, I’ve been presenting webinars to prepare law firm professionals for returning to the office. What I’ve noticed is how exhausted everyone feels. I believe this is from a combination of working extremely hard and the uncertainty that has been a constant since the pandemic started.

In our new program How to Make Time for Your Well-Being, I teach employees at all levels how to manage their time so they can focus on important, not just urgent things, including their well-being.

In our pre-program surveys, participants tell me that they are having a hard time staying focused and productive. Whether you have a definitive RTO date or it’s still up on the air, I highly recommend arming your valued employees with tools to replenish and feel more in control. This will help them to be present and stay focused. “You can’t drink from an empty cup” is the saying that comes to mind here. We all need a major recharge!

To help program attendees focus on important work, I provide them with a tool I call a Parking Lot where they can jot down things that come up when they are immersed in a project and don’t want to break their concentration. This simple solution is one of many I offer so that your talent can feel more in control and focused.

Your firms are filled with high achievers who are depleted. Helping them to make time for well-being is no longer a luxury; today it’s a must!

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