How to Stand Out in the Interview Process

This week’s podcast guest, Deborah Damesek, is a seasoned recruiter in the financial services industry. Debi shares insights from having interviewed thousands of candidates and provides actionable tips that you can apply whether you are seeking your first job out of college or have been working for 25+ years.  

Debi’s actionable advice includes:

  • Research recent news at the firm and industry trends so that when you’re asked, “What do you think of X and how do you think it will impact us?” you are prepared to answer the question like an insider.
  • Demonstrate excellent judgment throughout the interview process. This starts with how you prepare for the interview, engage the interviewer by asking thoughtful questions and show up (in-person or on Zoom), inspiring each interviewer’s confidence by presenting yourself professionally.

Another area Debi mentions that makes you stand out in the interview process is having three key messages you want to communicate to your interviewer. In Your Fairy Job Mentor’s Secrets for Success, I devote an entire chapter to successful interviewing. The key to standing out during the interview process is communicating a compelling narrative. 

There are two reasons I want you to invest time in writing out your narrative. First, you must be able to respond well when the interviewer says, “Tell me about yourself.” And second, I want you to be able to clearly communicate the themes that you want your interviewer to know about you, especially if they don’t ask good questions to solicit this information (which happens more frequently than you might imagine). By researching the firm and role to understand needs and by communicating the three things you are most excited to bring to this role, you will stand out! 

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