Can We Talk About That Unhelpful Voice in Our Heads?

You see, that voice in our heads can be very tricky because it often sounds like a friend who’s just trying to protect us.

Have you ever noticed that when you are about to take on a new challenge, be it a job search or major project at work, your critical inner voice speaks up loudly and says something like, “Who do you think you are, reaching so high and taking on a big challenge like that?” We all have that critical inner voice, and it jumps at every opportunity to tell you that you’re really not that great.

I know that anytime I step out of my comfort zone, as I did almost 26 years ago when I started Wisnik Career Enterprises or when I released my book last year, my inner critic takes a front seat. It begins casting doubt and reminding me of all the things that could go wrong and that are wrong with me.

That little voice in our heads is one of our biggest challenges to achieving our goals. Chapter 6 of Your Fairy Job Mentor’s Secrets for Success dives deep into how to confront this “bully” and disempower it.

Since completing the Hoffman Process in December, a 2-day online intensive personal development program, I’ve also realized something else: That my thinking brain, which has been running my life, is the source of so much of my self-criticism.

So what’s the alternative to relying on our problem-finding analytical mind?

I now find that my spirit self, which is the source of my creativity, compassion, and intuition, is a much better ally, especially when I am taking a risk or stretching outside my comfort zone.

The “aha” is to trust the part of me that is not wired to find what could go wrong and instead shine light on what could go right.

This might sound a little woo-woo at first, but when you reflect on your best or worst life decisions, did you follow your gut or rely on your intellect?

I welcome your insights!

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