Celebrating 26 Years!

This week marks 26 years since I founded Wisnik Career Enterprises, Inc. I am proud of the business I have built and deeply grateful for the clients who have entrusted us with their careers and talent needs all these years.

When I started the business, my marketing consisted of coming up with a tag line, “Our Goal Is to Help You Achieve Your Goals,” and bartering with a graphic artist to create our logo, an exaggerated G for goals. There was no internet or email when I started WCE; all my promotions were by snail mail. Our budget for postage and paper was much bigger than it is today.

Although we have refreshed our website six times since the first launch in 2000, the tag line has stayed the same. “Our Goal Is to Help You Achieve Your Goals” continues to define our mission and drives us every day. Serving our clients is why we exist!

I believe each of us has unique skills and values and I am so fortunate to have found work that allows me to share mine. For me, it’s seeing the unique gifts candidates have to offer and helping them to navigate the job search process, as well as helping firms define what they need in team members in terms of skills and who best fits their firm culture. This matchmaking feels like putting pieces of the puzzle together, which I absolutely love!

There are many of you whom I have worked with over the past 26 years, and I want to thank for your trust and support! If I have been helpful to your career journey could you please let me know?

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