Why Vulnerability Is a Superpower

Today I’m giving a talk on Why Vulnerability Is a Superpower at this year’s #EmpoweredWomen event in Chicago. Although I’ve presented hundreds of times, this talk is hard. Sharing my personal story feels very vulnerable!
My main messages include:
  • Why we need to train ourselves to associate vulnerability with opportunity
  • How often our biggest obstacles to success are inside of us
  • How to tell the difference between a smart risk and a bad one
In my opening story, I share a false belief that made me feel unwanted and alone. From this vulnerable state, an opportunity arose for me to create who I am today.
I encourage you to reflect on what stories you tell yourself that limit you. Is it possible that your biggest challenges are also your greatest opportunities?
As I practiced my talk and felt way out of my comfort zone, (as evidenced by my strong desire to distract myself with tasks), I knew that the tingling in my stomach symbolized opportunity for growth & impact.

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