How to Recession-proof Your Career

The only job security we really have exists from the trusted relationships we build.Having watched the economy go up and down since launching Wisnik Career Enterprises, Inc. in 1996, and seeing firms and jobs disappear with each down cycle, my advice is to spend time solidifying your professional relationships now.Reconnect with the professionals you have met and worked with when you don’t need anything from them, and I promise you that they will be there when you do need them! As we approach the holiday season, think of the people who helped you get to where you are today — past bosses, colleagues, professors, etc., — and email, call or send them a LinkedIn message. Let them know what you’ve been working on and ask if there’s any way you can be a resource to them.

If it’s been a while and your feel uncomfortable at the thought of reaching out to them, that’s normal.Vulnerability is a superpower.You see, our mind is there to make sure we survive, not to ensure that we are thriving and living our best lives. This is why when we think about taking a brave action, our analytical brain puts a spotlight on danger, real or imagined, and warns us of all the possible failures our actions may result in. It’s most likely to tell you things like, “If you reach out to that person, they probably won’t respond, so why bother risking rejection?”I encourage you to override your fear-generating mind and take brave action even if requires you to step out of your comfort zone!We always have a choice: to either focus on what we can control, or to allow our mind to hijack us by focusing on what we cannot control. Solidifying your professional relationships before the economy changes is something you do have control over!

Who are you going to reach out to in November?

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