Why Our Work Values Are Critical to Our Happiness

What is the one thing you need to be happy at your job?

Your work values need to be in alignment with your workplace and the people you work closest with.

Each week I speak to professionals across the country, and what I’m hearing consistently is that employees at levels are lacking a sense of belonging and connection to their workplace.

I have actually come to believe that the Great Resignation was in part due to some people leaving their firms hoping they would feel that sense of connection in a new firm.

The past 2+ years, of first remote and now hybrid work, have meant that we don’t forge the same kinds of in-person relationships anymore that we were used to. Although I appreciate the flexibility our new workplace allows, I am deeply concerned that it’s harder to build trusted relationships and feel supportive of each other’s success.

Some of the glue that made us feel like a team has eroded.

Knowing what work values we share helps us feel connected and provides a sense of belonging.

Since 1993 I have administered the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to over 100 teams to help them understand how to communicate most effectively with each other. When I’m doing these team building trainings, whether it’s for a marketing, recruiting or legal team, I give them a work values assessment.

For example, your top work value may be collaboration or problem solving or even service orientation. There are more than 20 for you to choose from and rate.

The goal for this work values exercise is for team members to identify the common values they share. This “glue” will help them stay motivated and have each other’s backs during stressful times.

If your team needs tools to better understand what connects them and to feel a stronger sense of belonging, please consider offering them training.

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