What’s preventing you from achieving your 2023 goals?

You will overestimate what you can accomplish in one year and underestimate what you can accomplish in 10 years. 
~Tony Robbins

2022 was a great year and I am deeply grateful for the 30 placements we made and for the 25 firms that hired us to conduct training programs. 

I have set goals every January for 30 years. Setting specific quantifiable goals keeps me focused throughout the year. To stay motivated I keep track of the steps I take each day.  

What I have learned is that I don’t always have control over the outcome, but I do have control over the process. 

For example, I can prep one candidate to interview for five different roles that doesn’t get hired and prep another candidate for only one role and she does get hired. My job is to find all possible roles for each candidate and prepare them to showcase their unique talents.  

If I focus each day on using my unique talents, the chances of reaching my placement goals increase dramatically. If I spend my time worrying about outcomes or trying to predict what will work out, I will be wasting productive time. 

Whether you decide to set goals for 2023 or not, I would like you to ask yourself a question: 

How much time am I spending on things that do not serve me?  

Last month when I was conducting Time Management programs at two different firms (one session was for attorneys and the other one was for business service professionals), I asked this question and what I heard most frequently was:

2-4 hours a day worrying/procrastinating

3-4 hours a day watching TV/surfing the internet

Imagine if in 2023 you cut these “time wasters” in half and gained 2-4 hours each day to focus on the things that were most important to you. 

Could you use these “extra” hours to exercise, take an online class, or to take action on your long-term projects? 

Each of us gets the same 168 hours each week. Becoming more aware of the amount of time that gets taken up by activities you did not consciously choose, will enable you to make better choices and invest your precious time doing things that serve you best. 

What will you STOP doing in 2023, so you can have more time to create an amazing year?

Please reach out if your attorneys and professional staff could benefit from a Time Management & Goal Setting webinar.  

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