Who’s Taking Care of the Caretakers?

Although the worst of the pandemic may be over, law firm business services professionals need tools to manage their well-being so they can continue to support their attorneys and firms. 

A few months ago, I wrote a LinkedIn post highlighting how many of the Recruiting, Marketing, PD, DEI and HR professionals I speak to at firms around the country feel depleted, and oftentimes unacknowledged. 

Who’s taking care of the caretakers, was the name of the post. It received over 12,000 views and a tremendous amount of DMs.  

Last week I presented a webinar on How to Make Time for your Well-being for NALP members. We had over 150 participants register. 

During this webinar, I shared tools for building in time each morning, afternoon, and evening for intention setting and self-care. My goals for these “caretakers” was that they leave the webinar with actionable tools and the understanding that making time for their well-being is not selfish, but a must!  

What is your firm doing to make sure business services professionals have the well-being tools and support they need? 

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