4 Tips & Practices for Well-being Week

For Well-being Week in Law, I want to share four well-being tips from our Make TIme for Well-being training program. 

To maintain our well-being, we must make time for self-care every day. Please take a moment each day to ask yourself:What will I do to fill my tank and show care for myself today?”

We need to make time to refuel a few times a day so we don’t get depleted. One of the best ways to nurture a healthy mind and body is to schedule short well-being practices throughout your day. 

Here are a few practices you may want to incorporate: 

1. Establish a morning routine
Set yourself up for a positive and productive day by writing down your intentions for this day. What will you do today to support your well-being? For example, do you want to drink eight glasses of water today? Or do you want to schedule time on your calendar for a short meditation after a long meeting? By starting your day off identifying what well-being actions you will take, you set yourself up to focus on and realize them. 

2. Focus on the good!
Every day good things happen, but we miss them when we allow our mind to default to finding problems and focusing on what’s NOT going right. We need to train our problem-finding mind to focus on the good. Here’s how I’ve trained myself to focus on the good: Every time a light turns green just as I walk up to a crosswalk, or the elevator arrives as I hit the button, I say, “Miracle!” I know it sounds silly, but I am calling attention to all the things that go right to keep my mindset focused on the positive. 

3. Schedule a 3 o’clock recharge
Midday, when you need an energy boost, consider taking a brief walk or texting someone in your life who you’re grateful for. Letting others know how much you value them is not just a nice thing to do for them, it will recharge you! Taking a few minutes midday to move our bodies or to feel connected to others can help refuel us. 

4. Create an evening ritual
End each day recalling two things that went well today that you’re grateful for. By focusing on what went right and expressing gratitude, you will help calm your “monkey” mind and set yourself up for a good night’s sleep. 

I hope you will consider incorporating one or more of these well-being practices into your day. Self-care care is no longer a luxury, but a MUST! 

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