Lessons from the Aegean Sea

I spent last week on a 30-person boat in the Aegean Sea. Each morning before visiting ancient port cities in Greece and Turkey, we spent two hours learning how our thoughts and feelings impact our behavior, and therefore the quality of our lives.

Our instructor, who I met when I spent one year studying with Tony Robbins, teaches that what we think, feel, and how we act determines our personality, and that creates our personal reality.

What if there are things in our personal reality, in our lives, that we don’t like?

For me this looks like frustration. More often than I would like, I feel frustrated because others don’t behave the way I want them to.

For example, if a candidate I’m working with can’t answer the question, “What are you excited to bring to this role?” I think, why don’t they know their strengths?

The frustration I feel doesn’t serve me or them!

Over the course of the week, I learned a process for changing my thoughts so I can make new choices that result in new behaviors, and impact how I feel and serve.

My new thought is that instead of thinking, “Why don’t they…,” I’m going to chose to be curious and compassionate so I can help them uncover their gifts.

If I have new thoughts that result in new behaviors, I will also feel differently. Instead of feeling frustrated, I believe I will feel impactful, and able serve at my highest level.

What do you think about this process for changing our minds so we can create the personal reality that we really want?

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