End of Year Joy Tips

If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong! This is one of the last concepts I learned during my immersive year studying with Tony Robbins. It sounded good, but at first, I really didn’t understand how it was possible.  

How can we get all our work done and still have fun?  

As we head into the holidays, and prepare for 2024, I would like to share some tips with you. 

Most of us have to do lists, but is feeling joy on them? Why not try to make a conscious decision to experience joy and even have fun. I have made “What will I do today to feel joy and have fun?” one of my daily intention questions. I have found that by starting each day with joy and fun as priorities, I am more likely to seek out and act on opportunities to experience joy! I have also noticed that the things in my life that bring me joy usually involve being with people I adore. Lucky for me, I love my clients and treasure the time I get to spend with them! 

Tip #2 is to go on a daily treasure hunt to see all the miracles that are present in your life. This has really changed the lens through which I view my life. Each morning, I start the day looking for “miracles,” simple occurrences like a light turning green just as I step out of Grand Central onto 42nd Street, or the elevator door opening just I push the up button. You see, these good things happen every day, but I missed them when I wasn’t searching for them. By spotting these little daily miracles, I have trained my brain to see the good stuff and not just default to finding the bad. 

I know you’ve heard tip #3 often, but it’s vital because gratitude makes us appreciate the value of something and magnify it. Be grateful! Each morning, as I write out my intentions, I also ask myself “What am I grateful for today?” This practice helps me become more conscious of all the gifts in my life. I have found that recalling and writing down what I’m grateful for brings me both joy and perspective. 

Tip #4 is to practice self-care. This is not selfish! If we keep our tanks full, we will have more to give to others. I now make sure I have enough sleep, healthy food (especially during busy times when I am most like to eat junk food) and time alone to recharge. How can you make the time during this hectic holiday season for some self-care, so you don’t feel depleted?  

I hope one of these tips for experiencing more joy and fun in your life resonates with you. Make joy a top priority today, and it will fuel both your personal and professional fulfillment.   

Have a wonderful holiday season. 

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