Living Your Values in 2024

Our values are critical to creating the life we really want. They act as an internal compass, guiding our decisions and helping us focus on our priorities. When envisioning your life in 2024, I encourage you to identify your top values, and think about how you can align your daily actions to live your values.  

Below are some of my goals for 2024 based on my 5 core values, which are Contribution, Connection, Growth, Well-being and Fun.  


  • Place 24 candidates  
  • Present 55 trainings 


  • Take 2 clients out each month  


  • Master 5 more Brand Builders Group strategies  
  • Take an art class  


  • Do yoga 2 times weekly  
  • Practice Tapping daily  


  • Play pickleball weekly in a league 
  • Complete the Ride for Living 30-mile bike ride in Krakow  
  • Travel to 6 places I’ve never been 

I promise you that by gaining clarity over your values, you will make better choices about what actions you take each day. This will result in creating the life you really want in 2024!   

Happy new year and thank you so much for your support and trust! 

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