Do Your Attorneys Need Interviewer Training?

May is now the beginning of recruiting season for many law firms across the country.

With many firms opting out of traditional on-campus recruiting for direct applications from law students, your lawyers have to be prepared to conduct both initial interviews and call-backs much earlier than in past years.

I have presented Interviewer Training for 90 law firms over the past 28 years.

It’s one of my favorite programs to teach because knowing how to ask the right interview questions is key to making the best hiring decisions.

Last week I presented Dechert LLP and Chapman and Cutler LLP. I have worked with both firms for close to 20 years and conducted this training numerous times for them.
Why would firms sponsor interviewer training for their attorneys? Because knowing how to engage candidates to ensure EVERY candidate leaves the interview process feeling good about the experience is critical to the firm’s reputation.

Did you ever have an interview experience where the interviewer had not read your resume prior to meeting you? Or, where they failed to ask thoughtful questions geared to getting to know you? What do you feel when you think of that firm today?

Every interview is a branding opportunity!

Are your attorneys ready to engage this next crop of candidates? This includes knowing the answers to frequently asked questions about the firm.

If your firm needs interviewer training, please contact me at – we still have a few dates available in June.

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