Success Habits for Summer Associates

It’s a busy week! Law firm summer programs start across the country.   

I am delivering five trainings this week to these newly arrived summers at White & Case, Dechert, Fox Rothschild, Mayer Brown and Linklaters.  

What am I most excited to share with them? 

Having studied lawyers’ careers for over 30 years, I have found that creating a successful AND fulfilling career requires: 

  • Supportive Work Habits  
  • Mindset Management Practices  

For example, establishing time management habits early in an associate’s career will help them to feel more in control and able to focus on getting important, not just urgent work done each day.   

I also teach them to focus by getting in the habit of doing the “worst” things first. In addition, I provide them with practical tools like a Daily Focus Plan that helps them to be proactive.  

When I speak to them about Mindset Management Practices, I share that we all have a negativity bias. This is the part our brain that is looking for problems. Law students are trained and rewarded for issue spotting.  

This tool works well for lawyering, but if we are always looking for a problem, it can affect our well-being and impact our relationships. We need to be aware and develop practices like gratitude or keeping track of our achievements. 

I am so excited to share habits and practices with these summer associates so they can thrive at work, be present, and see and take in all the good things that occur each day. 

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