New York Salary Survey (January/February 2000)

Title Salary Range Average Annual Salary*
Director 67 – 140K 100K
Manager/Administrator 44.5 – 120K 86K
Coordinator 35.5 – 79.5K 55K
Assistant 29.5 – 41K 36K
Secretary 26.5 – 50K 36K
This Salary, Responsibilities and Reporting Structure Survey was sent to over 200 Recruitment Professionals in New York area law firms.
Average Size of Firm Responding = 182 attorneys
*Does not include bonus. For firms that paid bonuses, average bonus was 5% of annual salary.
Over 80% of respondents report directly to the Hiring Partner.
Conducted by Wisnik Career Strategies, Inc.
January/February 2000
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