Interview Follow-ups: Dos and Don’ts

Over the past few months, we have witnessed a number of candidates who were close to receiving an offer and lost the opportunity because of their thank you notes and/or references.  Some of this may be common sense, but here are some Dos and Don’ts you should consider when actively engaged in a job search: DO … Continued

The Strongest Interview Follow Ups

Have you ever left an interview and thought, “I could have done a better job; I wish I had said X or spoken about the event I worked on that evidenced my strong project management skills.”  We hear this kind of reaction fairly often from candidates. The good news is you still have an opportunity to … Continued

Biggest mistakes made in interviews

Each week we send at least 5 candidates out on interviews to law firms for a variety of positions including: BD manager, Legal Personnel Coordinator, Recruitment Assistant, Knowledge Manager, etc. Regardless of the level or specific role, we see candidates make mistakes on their interviews that cost them the offer. I want to share with you the most common mistakes interviewees make.