Goal Setting for the Second Half of 2022

How can it be that half of 2022 is over? Are there any goals that you want to focus on for the second half of this year?
When I was doing a training last week at Wiley (in their magnificent new offices) for their HR and Talent team, many of the participants mentioned well-being as something they want to devote more time to.
We used the attached handouts to identify where they want to spend more of their 168 weekly hours.Taking a mid-year time audit can also help you to identify where you are mindlessly “wasting” time. For example, how much time are you spending each week watching Netflix or surfing the internet?Although we can’t control many things in our external environment, the clearer we are about our goals, the better decisions we will make on what we spend our time doing.For me, I know I want to move more. This includes walking, movement classes and stretching. I will up my time from 3 hours weekly to 5 for the second half of 2022.
What goals are you going to commit to for the second half of 2022? Would you like to acquire new skills, knowledge or contacts? This goal-setting packet can help you!

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