Training Your Attorneys to Interview Effectively

I have conducted interviewer training for 98 law firms nationwide.   

I believe that training your attorneys to interview effectively is more important today than ever! 


Because there are traits, such self-motivation, desire to work hard and be of service that are vital to being a great contributor in our new work world. Back in the day when we were all in the office 5 days a week, new talent was able to observe how things worked. Today they need to come in having these traits. 

The goal of the associate interview process is to evaluate how the candidate solves problems, works with others, and takes ownership. The best way to assess these abilities is to ask the right behavioral questions. 

Instead of asking a candidate, “Are you a team player?” I train interviewers to ask questions like, “Tell me about a time you helped a colleague on a project.” Asking questions so you can hear how the candidate behaved in the past will provide better evidence for how they will behave when you hire them.   

Another key pillar of my training is for interviewers to have the mindset that every interview is a branding opportunity.   

I teach lawyers how to sell their firm in a way that is memorable and leaves a good impression beyond the interview. And, how to have the candidate feeling good about the process and firm, even if they don’t join (now). This includes coming to the interview prepared to engage the candidate and knowing how to listen actively.   

Hiring the right talent is key to serving your clients at the highest level. Are your attorneys trained to interview intentionally and promote proactively?

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