2012 Legal Industry Snapshot Survey

We wanted to share the current findings from the Wisnik Legal Recruiting Industry Snapshot Survey with you. The results are based on a September 2012 survey sent to Recruiting Chiefs, Directors, and Managers at top law firms throughout the country. The results that follow were generated from 60 respondents. To view the full survey results, please … Continued

Five Tips for a Successful Transition

Whether you have years of experience under your belt or are brand new to law firms, transitioning into a new work environment can be challenging. Every law firm has its own unique culture. Here are some tips to help ensure a smooth transition: 1) Measure the formality of your environment. Take the first 30 days to really … Continued

“Learning Moments” from LMA & WALRAA Conferences

Having attended the LMA Annual Conference and the WALRAA Educational Conference, I have had many “Learning Moments” recently! Here are just a handful of the most poignant things I learned from our marketing and recruiting colleagues this month. Marketing Learning Moments What we can learn from accounting and consulting firms: Get more comfortable asking for … Continued

How to manage your career and add value to your Firm in the process

“Career Management” is a key topic in the legal industry. However, professionals are often unsure how to manage their own upward momentum without losing sight of their firm’s goals. How do you “do right” by your Firm while still doing right by yourself? The answer is to make sure you identify the right skills to develop. If you take a proactive approach towards identifying and developing the core competencies and skills that your firm most values, you’ll be adding value to your firm, better serving your clients, and adding to your career portfolio…

2011 Industry Recap and Predictions for 2012

Welcome to our newest resource: Wisnik’s Wisdom! WCE will be using this part of our website to share industry news and insights such as business trends, important survey results, or what the top minds in the trade are thinking about. From time to time, we will also post questions and polls, so check back often to see the latest content.

Continue reading HERE for Eva’s 2011 Industry Recap and Predictions for 2012!…